Protecting Your Commercial Roof: Winter Freeze Preparation in Houston, Texas

Is your commercial roof ready to face the winter freeze in Houston? Winter in Houston can bring unexpected challenges to commercial property owners, especially concerning their roofs. Ensure your roof’s durability and longevity against the cold weather and protect your investment.

Learn essential tips to prepare your commercial roof for the winter freeze in Houston, Texas. Ensure the longevity and durability of your roof in challenging weather conditions.

Although Texas winters tend to be milder than the rest of the U.S., Houston can still get the occasional freezes that can wreak havoc on your commercial roof. Proper preparation can prevent costly damages and ensure the longevity of your commercial roofing system.

Rapid temperature changes can cause your roof to shrink and expand quickly, damaging your roof membrane. The professionals at Brazos Commercial Roofing are experts in the commercial roofing industry and services Houston and the entire Gulf Coast.

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Winter-Freeze Preparation

Winter Freeze Preparation & a few ways to get your commercial roof ready 


  • Roof Inspection and Maintenance – Have your commercial roof inspected. Poor maintenance
    can cause damage over time and lead to costly repairs. Neglecting these repairs can lead to a
    full replacement in the future. To keep your warranty intact, most roofing manufacturers
    require an authorized roofing contractor to do yearly routine inspections.
  • Make Sure Roof and Gutters Are Clean – Debris accumulation can compromise the integrity of
    your roof. Strong winter winds can loosen roofing materials and fallen leaves and tree branches can cause extensive damage and ponding of water on your commercial roof. Water intrusion
    should be addressed at once.
  • Inspect the Flashing – Flashings play a crucial role in preventing water infiltration. It’s what
    creates a moisture barrier between your roof and anything that sits on top of it, such as
    skylights, vents, and HVAC units. Ensure your roof’s flashing is intact and repair any damages
  • Inspect the Caulking– Sealants and caulking on a commercial roof is a good way to help prevent
    leaks but need to be replaced every so often. An inspection can spot any cracks, openings, and
    deterioration. If the caulk is left unattended, it will begin to degrade over time by cracking and
    peeling away from the surface it is attached to. This can allow moisture to enter into the
    interior walls and contribute to structural weakness or mold.
  • Repair and Seal Roof Leaks – address any leaks promptly. Water damage can lead to structural
    damage, especially during a freeze-thaw cycle. This cycle can cause cracks or weakening in the
    entire roof’s structure.
  • Insulation and Ventilation – Commercial roof insulation is crucial in winter to help prevent heat
    loss and keep the roof at a steady temperature. Without proper ventilation, serious problems
    can occur. When your cold roof meets warm air, condensation can lead to mold or mildew
    growth and rot. This can create health hazards and compromise the structural integrity of the
    roofing materials. With proper air intake and insulation, roof ventilation prevents the process
    of condensation.

Remember that by taking proactive steps to protect your roof this winter, you can ensure that it remains safe,
comfortable, and energy-efficient for years to come. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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