A defensive, waterproof barrier is crucial to preventing leaks, mold, corrosion, and
structural deterioration to your commercial property.

In fact, insufficient waterproofing is often the #1 reason why a building roof leaks, rots, or peels. Installing this protective layer is one of the most affordable aspects of a building’s construction, and its absence is often responsible for the most expensive repairs.


Waterproofing Benefits

Cost-effective and saves money
in the long-run
Keeps a building’s interior and occupants safe
No water stains on walls and ceilings
Protects against freeze-thaw cycles
Preserves a property’s value

Blocks unwanted moisture
from entering

Resists mold, mildew,
& contaminants
Extends functional life by 10+ years
Impervious to industrial chemicals
Prevents structure damage
roof collapse




Our Commercial Waterproofing involves the application of an impermeable, watertight membrane to
shield a building’s surfaces against water, chemicals, and other harmful elements so
nothing penetrates through the wall roof and into the building substrate.

For maximum protection, waterproofing can be applied to your roof, walls, windows,
foundations, garages, doors, and decks. Other protective methods can include caulking, chemical grouting, and sealants for supplementary support.



Our waterproofing services include:

Caulking and Sealants

Tuck Pointing and Grouting

Urethane, Silicone and Epoxy Coatings

Wet Glazing

Above/Below Grade Waterproofing

Firestop sealants

Building Envelope Restoration

Air Barriers

Structural Glazing

Expansion Joint and window sealants

Elastomeric Coating Services

Water Tests

Protect your property & your investment


Brazos Commercial Roofing helps building owners and property managers tune up their building envelope systems to protect against Houston’s hostile climate conditions, better known as the 3 H’s: ‘heat, humidity, and hurricanes’!



Let us give you peace of mind

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