Church Roofing

Church Roofing

Choosing a roofing contractor for your religious institution is an important decision. Brazos Commercial Roofing (Brazos-Industries) has over 25+ years of experience working on church roofs, synagogues, temples, and mosque roofs of all shapes and sizes.

Places of worship present some very important and unique challenges for congregations as well as roofers. Many houses of worship have steep gradients, complex shapes, and high elevations and spires. Roofing these structures requires the skill of trained professional commercial roof technicians that are factory-certified installers.

Church Roofing

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Whether you need roof repairs or a roof replacement, we will be completely transparent with our findings and prepare budget-friendly options to meet your needs. Everything will be written in detail and be provided with a clear timeline for the work.

Every church roof is different. We take pride in the quality of our work and are dedicated to the safety of you and your parishioners.


Church Roofing
Church Roofing

Our church services Include:

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To get a professional opinion for your specific need, you can request a FREE diagnostic roof consultation with a specialist who will evaluate your roof and discuss the best path forward while keeping your goals and priorities in mind.



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