ROOF Coatings

Fluid-applied coatings are an excellent way to prolong the useful life of your commercial roof without having to tie up substantial capital during uncertain market conditions.

Restorative roof coatings deliver many of the same benefits as a full roof replacement, and they require only a fraction of the cost, time, and labor!

The most common types of coatings are polyurethane or silicone-based, and they can provide lasting, durable protection for as long as 20 years.


BENEFITS OF Restorative Commercial Roof Coatings For Houston Businesses

Can be installed over virtually any existing commercial roofing system
Only a fraction of the cost of a full roof restoration
Strong enough to handle pedestrian traffic
Extremely low volatile organic compounds
Versatile for flat, sloped, or domed roofs
Businesses can stay open without disruption during application
Reflects up to 90% of UV rays and resists heat
Minimizes thermal expansions and contractions
Energy-efficient, reduces HVAC workload
Prolongs roof life by another 20 years

Silicone Coatings BY
Brazos Commercial Roofing

Roof coatings are better for the environment since they eliminate landfill waste, lower toxic emissions during installation. They also reduce energy costs by reflecting sunlight, and keep the roof cooler.

No tear-off required, reduces landfill waste

Flexible to resist thermal shock

Superior tensile strength and flexibility

Can be recoated multiple times

Can be installed in a matter of days

And so much more!

Do you really need to replace your roof right now?!

Upon application, these fluid-based roof coatings form an elastomeric, seamless, waterproof membrane that bonds directly to the surfaces beneath it to create an impenetrable barrier, plugging all gaps, cracks, and crevices.

Since a fluid-applied restorative roof coating can be applied directly over the existing roof system, there is no tear-off required prior to application, minimizing the materials and labor required.



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