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Built-Up ROOf

Also known as “tar and gravel roofs,” these systems are comprised of multiple layers of
tar, gravel, and surface membranes strong enough to withstand the weight of heavy foot traffic and other large items which may be safely stored on the roof’s surface.
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The first layer of a BUR system may be fitted directly to the roof’s substrate or to a base sheet, followed by the application of another 3 to 5 layers of bitumen and reinforced fabric.

The outer top layer is then covered with stone or gravel in order to protect the membranes from extreme temperatures, block UV rays, and project a clean, finished appearance.

Because they have many padded layers, BUR roofing systems are able to provide heightened insulation capabilities by preserving indoor temperatures, conserving energy, and even reduce your monthly electric bill.



BENEFITS OF BUR Roofing Systems:

Multiple roof layers help preserve ideal temperatures indoors
Requires low-maintenance after installation
Affordable and easy to fix
Life expectancy up to 40 years
Durable against fire, wind, and extreme weather conditions
Energy efficient and sustainable
Clean and visually pleasing

trusted for generations!


For generations, the BUR membrane roofing system has stood the test of time as a reliable, long-term solution for commercial property owners and public institutions.

There’s a reason it’s the longest flat roof option still in use today!

Built-up roofing systems provide exceptional protection against leaks and moisture infiltration because there are no seams or joints on these types of roofs, just a complete, solid surface.

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