Roof Replacements

Roof Replacement

Over time, wear and tear can damage your roof, leaving the building susceptible to leaks and severe structural damage.

There’s only so much money a business should sink into recurring repairs on a roof that leaks too much and insulates too little. If your roof was installed more than 35 years ago, it’s likely obsolete by today’s innovative standards.

Eventually, it may become necessary to replace your roof to prevent even more costly damage to the building’s interior. Moving forward, a full replacement becomes the more cost-effective solution.

Roof Replacements

BENEFITS OF Replacing Your Roof

Appreciation in property value

Reduction in monthly utility bills


Lower maintenance costs

Manufacturer’s Warranty Protection

Increased energy efficiency

Next-generation technology

Peace of Mind for 20+ years


Reduced risk of on-site injury
or liability

A Valuable
Investment In
Your Property!

Upgrading to a modern flat roofing system results in lower maintenance costs, a longer
life cycle, and enhances a property’s overall worth, energy efficiency, and resistance
against severe weather and other harsh elements.

Replacing your roof system means making a long-term investment into your property,
and you need to get the highest return possible. Picking the lowest bidder rarely ends well.


Roof Replacements
Roof Replacements

Our Commercial Replacement Roof Types Include:

Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Membrane

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Garden & Green Roofs

Thermoplastic PVC Membrane

Modified Bitumen SBS

Thermoplastic TPO Membrane

Certified & Trusted
by The Best!

Brazos Commercial Roofing has the proficiency and technical experience you’ll want when you’re ready to install your new roofing system the right way, the first time.

We’re certified by some of the most reputable manufacturers in the roofing industry, such as GAF, Carlisle, Versico, Sika Sarnafil, Progressive Materials, and many more!


    Roof Replacements

    Let us give you peace of mind

    To learn more about qualifying as a candidate for a commercial roof replacement, schedule a free roof consultation with an experienced professional to discuss potential options for upgrading to a new single-ply or multi-ply roofing system.



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