Weather in Texas can be brutal on a Houston commercial roof.

Mother Nature can undoubtedly throw her best game, including bouts of oppressive heat, freezes, rain, wind, hurricanes, hail…you get the picture.

These elements can produce wear and tear on your roof. Performing a detailed inspection of your Houston commercial roofing system now can save you from headaches later.


Proper commercial roof maintenance helps keep the property structure intact and enables smooth and safe daily operations inside and outside of the property.

Spotting an issue with your commercial roof early will help you avoid significant expenses or even a total commercial roof replacement cost which can burn a big hole into your pocket.


Listed below are some signs that you should watch out for. These signs signal that you should no longer defer contacting Brazos Commercial Roofing for a free no-obligation roof inspection.

Stains on the Ceilings or Walls

If ceiling tiles or sheetrock show discoloring or stains, it indicates prolonged exposure to water within the structure. A detailed inspection by one of our professional roof technicians can locate the problem and fix any roof leak issues before more damage occurs.

Visible roof damage or flashing

Sometimes metal edge details running along the perimeter of your property roof might get bent, rusted, or not sealed well. In the absence of proper sealing of the roof flashing, water will seep into your roof system, causing damage and causing costly commercial roof repairs. Debris such as leaves or fallen branches can lead to ponding of water on your roof.

Having your roof cleaned regularly will ensure that water can flow freely to the roof drains and away from the building.

Be vigilant and get the roof inspected by an experienced Houston commercial roofing contractor like Brazos Commercial Roofing.

Cracks or blisters on the roof surface

Don’t ignore minor cracks, blisters, or bubbles appearing on the roof surface. These signs indicate trapped moisture and air in the roof membrane and deck or the membrane layers. These are red flags, and roof damage can worsen over time if you ignore the problems.

Persistent mold or musty odor

If your facility has started smelling foul or musty, the chances are good that you may have hidden mold growing in the roof deck or layers as mold loves a moist environment. With the water continuously entering your building, mold can grow and spread rapidly.

Check the Gutters and Downspouts

Clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to ponding water and improper drainage on your commercial roof. Ensure the gutters are clear of debris and properly attached to your roof and the downspouts connected to your gutters.

Make Protecting Your Roof a Top Priority

If you notice any signs of commercial roof leaks, it is important to have a complete roof inspection done as soon as possible. Nowadays, inspections can be done through drones too, which provide accurate findings through infrared technology. (Read our blog post for drone inspection of roof for more details).

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