Is This Summer’s Extreme Heat Wave Affecting Your Commercial Roof?

While we’ve had no significant rain for weeks, we wanted to bring to your attention another severe risk factor currently affecting commercial property owners in the area: brutal 100-degree temperatures every day this month! Hot weather can do different types of damage to flat and low-slope roofs.

How does heat affect a commercial roof in Houston? Prolonged extreme heat is catastrophic on your commercial roof because it causes thermal shock (brittle cracking and expanding of materials), UV surface damage, popped seams, loose screws, and surface bubbling – all of which weaken a property’s internal structure.

Once these openings form, summer humidity, and moisture penetrate inside the roof and increase the severity of leaks whenever it does rain again.

Ignoring any visible damage is an expensive risk nobody can afford.

To get ahead of any potential problem, we want to hear directly from you which concerns you may have if any, as we head into the stormy months. The best way to minimize problems is through regular maintenance and inspections by a professional commercial roofing company like Brazos Commercial Roofing.

We’re currently providing property owners with free roof inspections to assess their risk level. If it’s been 12 months since your last inspection, I strongly recommend you call Brazos Commercial Roofing at 281-414-5452. Don’t let small problems become big problems.

Furthermore, if you’d also just like to talk about other projects in general, like renovations, roof replacements, waterproofing, and chemical soft washing, we’re happy to have that conversation with you as well. Brazos Commercial Roofing – we are here when you need us, and when you don’t!