It’s tough being a business owner in 2020, especially in the commercial real estate market.

We get it. Many of us are staying home, changing our behaviors, and postponing plans as COVID-19

cases surge in Texas. As of July, Harris County has become one of the hardest-hit counties in the nation!

And with the drop in oil prices also impacting the local economy, business owners in Houston feel they have been dealt a one-two punch.

Things might be crazy right now, but rest assured, this too shall pass.

In the words of legendary investor Warren Buffet, “American magic has always prevailed, and it will do so again.”

It is now more important than ever to not lose track of one’s momentum on the path to success even when all too many things are trying to ricochet us off-track.

No matter how busy we get and how many curveballs life throws our way, there are just some things we should never put off. Ever.

Paying down debt. Getting that oil change. Going to the dentist and attending routine medical

Delaying preventative maintenance will only cost more in the future when the problem is much harder to treat. Like taking care of your body, the same can be said for taking care of your roof!

The best property managers know that maintaining the health of one’s property is a lot like maintaining the health of one’s own body. It’s just not worth taking chances with.

Having a yearly checkup on your building’s roof should be no different than a yearly checkup with your doctor. It’s just one of those things that have to get done, no matter what.
If signs and symptoms are present and the problem goes untreated, you will surely pay dearly for it later on.

Sometimes it might not be “the right time.” Scheduling an inspection in the middle of a busy week may not be “convenient.”

But before you know it, putting off routine maintenance until “next week” inadvertently becomes until “next month”, but hopefully not until “next year.” But we’ve seen this happen, too.

Paying hundreds of dollars in repairs today is always better than the alternative of paying tens of
thousands of dollars next year if a problem is allowed to proliferate and cause systemic damage to your building.

A leaky roof leads to a leaky wallet and unplanned emergency costs can ultimately wreck an already- overburdened company’s bottom line.

Therefore, it is critical that if you ever suspect ANYTHING may be wrong with your roof, then you should immediately consult with a roofing professional to detect and mitigate any fallout before it spreads and potentially takes the whole roof with it!

At Brazos Industries, we recommend inspecting your roof at least every 4-6 months depending on the roof’s age, material, and regional climate.

Some common problems to watch out for include leaks, ponding water, debris, clogged drains, loose material, cracks in the flashing, and tears in the roof’s membrane.

If this article is reminding you that it has been a while since your last inspection, then fear not! Roofing professionals at Brazos Industries stand ready to help you keep the roof you love!
You can schedule yours ASAP by visiting: