Congratulations once again to David Galloway of Brazos Commercial Roofing

For being honored for The Facts Leaders Under 40 for his business success and community impact in Brazoria County. (Article courtesy of The Facts Newspaper, photo Averi Kent/Special to The Facts).

Here is the Interview with David & The Facts.

Title: President; Alderman
Company Name: Brazos Commercial Roofing, LLC
Age: 39

Family Information: Spouse: Anna Galloway, Children: Damien, Son; Brianna, Daughter, Mother: Sherry Davis; Father: John Galloway (Deceased)

Q: What path led you to your chosen profession? Was it well planned or a happy accident?

A: This profession was not one I thought of — I wanted to be an attorney. I consider it an interesting turn of events.

Q: What trade, professional and civic organizations do you belong to?

A: National Roofing Contractor Association, Angleton Chamber of Commerce, Brazosport Chamber of Commerce, Houston Hotel Association, Association of Building Contractors — Gulf
Coast ACOE, Veterans of Foreign Wars

Q: What volunteer or civic achievement is most important to you?

A: Playing the Easter Bunny & Grinch for Holidays. I think it is vital to put time and energy into young children and I hope to make events special and memorable for them.

Q: What career achievement are you most proud of?

A: Continuing to build Teams — they are a constant effort to maintain and strengthen. I am proud to be allowed to lead, adapt and reinforce these connections.

Q: What personal achievement are you most proud of? What are your career aspirations?

A: Expand to a National Footprint.

Q: What leader has inspired you and how?

A: Abraham Lincoln — Due to his selfless and servant leadership.

Q: What are three attributes of that leader that you admire?

1. The ability to say hard truths.
2. To understand where the other person is and begin there.
3. Realizing that compromise — 1/2 of something is better than 0 of nothing. 100% is rarely achieved and never held.

Q: What is a quote or motto that you live by in your professional or personal life:

A: “The only thing that matters is the ‘Follow-Through.”

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Fencing, Fishing, Golf, Probability Analysis, Reading, Cooking, Swimming, Gym

Q: What is a guilty pleasure others might be surprised to learn that you enjoy?

A: Olives — weird, but true.

Q: Favorites Book?

A: “The Intelligent Investor”

Q: Movie?

A: “The Last Castle”

Q: Music genre/Performer?

A: Classic Country

Q: Sports team(s)?

A: University of Arkansas — Football

Q: Any other information you would like to include? Please list your postsecondary education.

A: Associates of Arts — National Park College, 2011-12, BA in Political Science — Henderson State University in Arkadelphia Arkansas — 2012-2013

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