As we approach Halloween, I’d like to tell you a scary story.


It’s called “Chuckie.”

And I’m not talking about the doll.

This Chuckie is a far more sinister fiend who will mask himself as a trustworthy friend
before ultimately slashing your property values and gutting your revenue.

He’s the infamous Chuck in a Truck roofer. You know, the slick, smooth-talking,
huckster selling you snake oil through his slimy smile.

He guarantees you the lowest price, yet he has no license, no insurance, no references,
and requests cash payments upfront.

Inevitably, you find something you don’t like after his shoddy work is “finished” and
you’re still out thousands of dollars all without any warranty protection.

Turns out it was too good to be true after all. It ALWAYS is.

Moral of the story: don’t trust Chucky…he’s not legit. He doesn’t have insurance,
references, or any licenses. He seldom gets permits for his work.

Choosing the cheapest contractor can be one of the most expensive mistakes your
business ever makes. They’re NEVER legit.

They’ll always let you down and leave you worse off than before.

Can you really trust a Chuckie with your business?


You get what you pay for, and it’s just not worth it…

Instead, you need to make sure your business is in good hands with experienced
professionals who actually have a solid track record of serving Houston businesses for
25 + years!

When it comes to picking the right roofing contractor for your commercial property,
who’d you rather?

A licensed, insured, experienced team of veterans with 25 years of experience in
commercial roofing, or “Chuckie?”

If you have any general concerns about the condition of your commercial roof, or you
just aren’t sure, then it might be time to schedule your annual roof inspection.

At Brazos Commercial Roofing, commercial roof inspections are always FREE and for your

Check out the link here if you’d like to learn more about getting a
FREE roof inspection:

Even if you don’t select us as your contractor, we still strongly urge you to write down
our phone number. Because if you choose Chuckie, you’re most likely going to end up
calling us afterward anyways.

Call this number to get your roof done right or to fix your mistake of
hiring a Chuck in a Truck roofer: 281-414-5452